Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Patterns I Love

Yesterday I got zero sewing done, ughh.........had a terrible headache the entire day which totally ruined my "things to accomplish today" goals. I am feeling much better today and thought I would spend a little time blogging before I start my busy day.

I have shared a couple of patters that I really like and have found several more, well these are not patterns but photos of some clothing that I adore, I am searching for patterns with a similar look of these garments so, if any of you know of any or find any let me know.

I am not sure how these would look on a chunky gal like myself, but I love love love them and someday when I lose weight (yeah right) maybe I will make and wear one ok, since I am still FAT as we speak maybe I will make one in JUST MY SIZE and wear it anyway.

I really love the 1st one, isn't it just the cutese.
Well off to start laundry and do a little sewing. Wish me luck :)


Marjie said...

I like both these dresses, but the first one is really cute, with its high waisted styling!

Anonymous said...

Oh those are really beautiful, I like the second one best, but I dont wear dresses well, being small and short myself. I always feel like an overdressed xmas tree in them. xxx

Susan said...

What patterns are these? Are you duplicating a RTW dress? They are both fab and you will look amazing in either/both!

narcissaqtpie said...

love those dresses!

cheryl said...

Those are gorgeous dresses! I think anyone could pull them off because of the styling, but the thing I find most appealing is the lovely use of the prints. Go for it!