Thursday, December 4, 2008

I just love this image

I found this on someone elses blog and just had to copy it and add it to mine. I love these guys. I remeber watching them and the 3 stooges and laughing for hours. The kids shows today are so different than what I watched as a kid. The most violence you seen in the little rascals shows was when Spanky would be preparing to get his swats for dis obeying and he would place a book in his trousers to keep from filling the pain of the rod. Now a days not only is there violence in cartoons there has been times I have heard profanity, in a Walt Disney movie, What? Oh and may I add that spanking is unacceptable in society now it is abusive, well I got lots of good ole fashion butt whoopins and I turned out ok.

What are your thoughts on what children are seeing on tv and how do you feel about corprol punishment?

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