Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quick post

Good morning bloggies. Was just noticeing something on my blog this morning and was wondering how many of you have ever noticed it. I am talking about my slideshow on the right hand side of my blog. I you have then you have noticed the little dolls that are on there. Some of you may be familiar with these but for those of you that are not they are called Dotee Dolls and they are tons of fun to make. I hand sew all their faces and they have a beaded tail and hanger, I have made several as birthday gifts for those las minute "Mom I have a party to go to this evening, can you make a gift", yeah you know what I am talking about. Well these are the way to go well, well one way to go I have made quick designer pillow cases, can never go wrong with one of those either.
Anyway for those of you who are unfamiliar with these little gals they are simple and super easy to make plus you design their look yourself which really makes them unique.
I learned how to make mine by doing a search at , let me know what your comments if any are on these sweet and simple one of a kind dolls.
Happy Saturday......................................................................

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You go me!

Wow just look at me, I am the winner twice. First off I was very excited to find out that I was the winner of and awesome give away over at I won this lovely fabric

This print is appropriately called Mad Hatter and includes many of the themes in the Wonderland collection. I just love it and can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. Thanks beesquare fabrics for such a great giveaway. Now all of you bloggers need to get on over to this blog of hers and check out her beautiful fabrics that she has for sale.

I also won a couple of awards, me, yes me, wow thanks Julia at for honoring me with such a great award and Cindy at for a really nice award that warmed my heart. In my books these gals are the ones who deserve these awards and maybe a all expense paid trip to the Bahamas, I promise if there is ever a giveaway for such a vacation I will elect you girls. lol

My first award is the Attitude of Graditude Award

The Rules of Accepting and Sharing this Award

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate a few bloggers who show an attitude of gratitude

3. Link to your nominees within your post.

4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award.

5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award.

6. Tell us how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude.
I have so many bloggers that I want to give this award to but I know that would take me all night so, here are just a few I would like to honor with this award.

Jana at this lady is truely and inspiration such a creative lady and a hilarious mom. She always has something neat to share on her blog and her kids are adorable how could she not show constant grattitude with faces like those. wow what a gal. This lady never misses posting on here, she is a very sweet loving gal that always has something to share. Pick her brain she is pretty funny:)

Ms Faye at this is my girl. I love her spirit and her ability to keep up with all of us and make sure she checks in on you from time to time, she always leaves me comments that inspire me and put a smile on my face.

Jen at I just love this lady, she makes me laugh, oh did I mention she makes me laugh.

Now it is my turn to tell you how I have come to have an attitude of grattitude.

Well I would to say that it comes from my dear hubby. He has taught me how to enjoy life and how to take the bad with the good. He is always the first on my side when I come up with some crazy idea and yes I have had a few, he never discourages me and always encourages me no matter how little or big I may dream. He has taught me to be patient and to see that we are all deserving of love and kindness even when we should get a good swift kick in the you know where:) He has taught me to appreciate myself and that was a task that only a man with his strength could endure. He shows me daily how greatful he is to have me in his life, he show me daily what it means to be a daddy. He has helped me learn to be greatful for life no matter how glamours of lack of it may be. Thank you Dean for loving me.

Okay now that the oshy goshy crap is over lets move on to ME again and the other award that I got.

This award is going to be so easy to pass on and I am going to go to sleep tonight thinking about all my blogging buddies. You know who you are but, just to remind you.......................

Have to give this one to my girl Faye at, I love this lady, literally. We have never met but have shared many great ideas and she is so smart and creative that you can't help but love her.

Cindy @ you would think that we have know each other for years and we only met awhile back here on blogspot. This girl knows her stuff and is teaching it to others. Have a sewing delima well she is the brain to pick. You rock Cindy.

Julia at her and I are really hopeing to meet each other some day. We have a lot in common and just genuinly enjoy each other. She sews beautifully.

My gal JC at her comments always warm my heart and I know that all I have to do is ask and she will be there to guide me and pray me through whatever heartache or headache I may be dealing with. this lady(I don't even know her name) always comments on my blog which lets me know she is a true blogger buddy of mine. I know that she is always checking in on me and interested in me and my craziness, lol. Thank you.

Okay well I better wrap it up for tonight. I would like to thank all of my blogger buddies for being so kind and faithful to blogger and to all us blogging gals. There are so many that I did not mention but that is not because you mean any less to me it only means that it is almost 10pm and I am tired and my brain is fried, so get over it, lol. I have learned so much since I have become a blogger and have so much creativness that it has inspired me to be creative. Each of you are blessed and are a constant blessing to so many others. Keep up the good work. Big Hugs to you all. Oh and I almost forget, be jealous, yes be very jealous over the rad fabric I won, I know I would be if it would have been you instead of me. Hey I rhymed, wow another talent I have, hmmmm someone should give me an award for that. :P

Night.......... Night...............

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello Bloggers

Hello everyone long time no blog......................

I have been crazy busy with work and getting my sewing stuff and craft stuff and scrapbooking stuff and books and etc...etc....ect.....organized and put away. So I have done no sewing what so ever and I am having some terrible withdrawls.
I have so much summer sewing to do for my girls and have started on none of it. Plus I have so much stash that if I don't start sewing soon I am not going to be able to buy anymore fabric for years and I don't think I can handle that you know with my sewing addiction and all, but I am at a point to where I have no more room for not even 1 more yard of fabric unless I get rid of some of our dishes or maybe I could clean out the food pantry I mean who needs to eat anyway, lol..................................

I have so many pictures that I need to share with all of you maybe I can have some extra time this weekend to upload them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Awesome Giveaway

Want to enter for a totally awesome giveaway? Go here . I know I am going to do all I can to win this baby. It is the bomb. My kiddos would love me forever if I won this. Not able to post pictures of it here at work on this special computer I have:) but planning on adding photos from my home computer. Good luck to you all, although I know I am going to win this puppy.
MountainRange Swingset Summer Giveawayposted by cindylouh on May 5th, 2009 Giveaways
Today is the biggest giveaway ever on Skip to my Lou! Skip to my Lou in conjunction with MomDot and HomePlace Structures is giving away a $3800 MountainRange Swingset, including shipping to your US shipping address. Please read the giveaway information VERY CAREFULLY to make sure your entries count! Yes, there are ways to enter more than once and more ways to come!
You have the chance to win this-
The Mountain Range Swingset

$3862.00 Complete Kit set - Finished product features 5’ x 5’ x 6’ deck, two 7’ swing beams, rock climbing wall, climbing net, ladder, slide, and numerous other features! This kit will be shipped to the winning customer’s residence within the continental U.S. Assembly is required; full-color assembly manual provided.
Due to the value of this amazing giveaway from our extremely generous sponsor, this giveaway will run 8 weeks to allow you a chance to check out, refer, and drum up buzz for HomePlace Structures. Between their garden, swing set, and playset products, they are brilliant for the summer! We are excited to share them with you all and we know you will be excited to share them as well.
To be eligible to win you must complete 3 things (yes I know more hoops than usual, but it is totally worth it for a chance to win!) You must complete the following entry in order to qualify to win and to qualify for any additional entries throughout the contest period (and we will offer lots!). If you do not complete this, you are ineligible to win. If your name is pulled and we check our records (and we WILL CHECK) and this is not complete, you will forfeit the prize and we will pull a new winner. All three points MUST be completed. Then leave us a comment HERE and let us know what email address you did this under or if it matches the email address on your comments. You may spell out your email so it isn’t spammed.
Subscribe to MomDot via a reader or email via feedburner
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Register your contact information with HomePlace Structures. This is so we can contact you for your win, plus it gives you a great chance to look through their downloadable catalog.
You may get extra entries throughout the eight week contest. We will be posting from time to time other ways to get more chances to win.
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Cottage Garden Frames
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