Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bry's sewing class

My six year old is taking a sewing class down town at our local quilt shop. Their 1st project is a quilt for their baby doll. Bryanna was so excited about the class that I was reminded for 2 days what time it started about every 10 minutes,lol. She picked out her own charm pack and backing material and it is so cute, the charm pack is random puppy fabric with pieces of floral and polka dots and the backing is pink with doggie bones.

They haven't started sewing yet, the 1st day was just alot of cutting which Bry finished way before the other girls and was ready to sew but unfortunetly that wont start till the next class. But to my surprise she wasn't too disappointed and just sat quietly and gathered all her little squares up and stacked them neatly. She is the youngest in her class but she does well with all ages so it wasn't a big deal and there were only two other girls there and they were ages 7 and 8 so it wasn't like she was surrounded by teens lol. They had popcorn and koolaid during their break and the girls giggled and talked about all kinds of silly things. I think the highlight of the class was when they gathered in the bathroom to wash up so we could continue, lol, there was tons of giggling and silliness goin on and that took longer then it did for Bry to cut her quilt squares.
It was very fun and she is looking forward to her next class which wont be till July 2nd cause the teacher is going on vacation. Ugh.....
Hope everyone has a HAPPY FATHERS DAY spending quality time with all those daddy's that work so hard and love so much every day of the year. Ours is going to be spent lounging with a steak dinner on the grill this eve.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yes I know I have been very lazy about keeping up with my blog, Ugh! Life has been very busy around my house since the arrival of my grandbaby Bryce, but we have enjoyed every minute of it.

I have set up my sewing calender for this month and am planning on sticken to it no matter what, I have seriously got to get caught up on sewing and the stack of mending and button replacing pile that my family has in my sewing room.
I promise to update my blog more often I have truely missed blogging and hearing from all my blogging buddies.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm a Grandma!

Hi blog land long time no blog :( Missed you all, although I haven't updated my blog in awhile I have still been keeping up and reading all of your blogs.

Headline news, yes I am now a grandma to a beautiful baby boy, Bryce Derrick was born Friday March 26th at 3:33am and I was able to be a part of his birth, it was awesome and mom did a great job delivering him. He weighed 5lbs 2.8oz, 181/2 inches long and has tons of black hair.

He is such a good baby and we are enjoying him tremendosly.

In other news I have been very busy lately, we decided to re-do our livingroom so we repainted and bought new furniture and a flatscreen tv and....... it looks great, still need to finish some of the painting and making my curtains. My livingroom n dinningroom are open to each other so my next task is to paint it and make curtains and do some updating. Almost forgot, one of the things that I am doing in my livingroom that I am very excited about is a cross wall and I was so fortunate to find an awesome sale at Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago, all their wall decor was on sale 50% off, can u believe it! Anywho pictures will come as soon as I get it all finished.

As far as sewing I have down some, I made my lil girl the cutest Valentine outfit and have done a little embroidering but have been so busy re decorating that I have not done much sewing, I have got a few things on my sewing list so I should be getting busy with that soon.

O and you are so welcome for the baby eye candy, isnt he beautiful........

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby shower ideas need and a pic of my sewing machine.

Brother Embroidery and Sewing Machine with USB Port.

Here is my machine. I absolutely love it. Sorry it has taken me so long to post a picture but I have been very busy using this baby. I have been working hard trying to get some Valentine outfits sewn up and have done some cute embroidered hearts on the tops and such. I still owe pics of my sewing room and those will be next, Scouts Honor ;)

I am also planning a baby shower while I am busy sewing. My plan was/is to have it on the 13th but not sure if everyone is onboard with that date since it is so soon. My dear daughter wants a SpongeBob baby shower, how funny is that. Its her day so a SpongeBob shower is what she is gonna get. lol. Any shower ideas and game ideas are welcomed and greatly needed. This is my 1st shower and I am a little nervous. I also plan on having a second shower for her here in our town that will be for neighbors and her friends and church family, the 1st shower will be in another town that is closer to her relatives. The second one wont be until March so not worried to much about it for now.

Well I am off to bed hope to hear some shower ideas from everyone.

Hugs, Kathy

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm still alive!

Hi everyone sorry I havent blogged in a while but life has been crazy around here as always. I do have a lot to share like some pics of my new sewing/embroidery machine I bought and love. I have just been sewing away on it. I will take pics today to share while I am in my new sewing room being creative.
I miss all of you and although I have not been blogging I have been reading blogs and keeping up with all my friends in blog land.
Pictures to come soon so stay tuned.