Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm a Grandma!

Hi blog land long time no blog :( Missed you all, although I haven't updated my blog in awhile I have still been keeping up and reading all of your blogs.

Headline news, yes I am now a grandma to a beautiful baby boy, Bryce Derrick was born Friday March 26th at 3:33am and I was able to be a part of his birth, it was awesome and mom did a great job delivering him. He weighed 5lbs 2.8oz, 181/2 inches long and has tons of black hair.

He is such a good baby and we are enjoying him tremendosly.

In other news I have been very busy lately, we decided to re-do our livingroom so we repainted and bought new furniture and a flatscreen tv and....... it looks great, still need to finish some of the painting and making my curtains. My livingroom n dinningroom are open to each other so my next task is to paint it and make curtains and do some updating. Almost forgot, one of the things that I am doing in my livingroom that I am very excited about is a cross wall and I was so fortunate to find an awesome sale at Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago, all their wall decor was on sale 50% off, can u believe it! Anywho pictures will come as soon as I get it all finished.

As far as sewing I have down some, I made my lil girl the cutest Valentine outfit and have done a little embroidering but have been so busy re decorating that I have not done much sewing, I have got a few things on my sewing list so I should be getting busy with that soon.

O and you are so welcome for the baby eye candy, isnt he beautiful........