Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the cleaning continues oh and a marriage begins

Quick correction, some of you may not be able to find flylady at .org so try a blogger pointed this out to me so thought I would correct that. Thanks!

I am still cleaning up a storm and am so happy with the outcome. It feels so good to have things organized and tidy. It is really good for the soul and the attitude, lol.
I have been working on organizing and purging something everyday and it is really paying off I woke up this morning to a tidy kitchen and living room so all I have to do is make my bed and tidy my room then I can be onto the laundry room, ugh........

Now about the marriage I mentioned in my header. My daughter is now a married women. They were married by the Justice of the Peace on Monday. We are going to have a wedding for them still but not sure of the date so atleast they are legal now and can start their new lives. They have their own home now and are working hard to make it their own so keep them in your prayers cause at their age they are going to need all the prayer they can get.

Off to a funeral a dear elderly lady at our church passed away on Saturday. She will be missed but we all know she is home with the Lord and her husband.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday organizing

Well I spent today cleaning and organizing my kitchen cabnets and although I am bushed I am also very delighted to have them in order again, funny how things can get so out of whack in no time.
I thought I would share with you an awesome website that is great for getting your house in order. This lady has taught me and is still teaching me how to keep all my home clean and tidy just by following a routine and doing something everyday. Please visit this web site and sign up for her emails I promise if you give it a chance you will love it. share your thoughts with me when you have a look and if any of you are already flying I would love to hear any of your testimonies.

Loving my organized kitchen. Now I have the rest of the house to do....ugh...... :p

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy September!

Well not much to blog about since I have pretty much spilled my guts in the last two entries. lol
My sister is doing good, still doing her dialysis but is home now and very happy to be in her own surroundings. She is such a trooper, she has to have 5 hours of dialysis every other day and although it totally exhaust her she never complains. Keep praying for her and her girls.

I don't think I shared our "new church" news with all of you. We had been attending the same church for a year now and was feeling God tugging us to make a move in a different direction. You know that feeling you have that your season is over but you are comfortable and being at the same place same time just seems to work for you even though you know inside it is time to move on, well that was us, it was time and after much pouting and sulling we did it. We are now attending a great church that has done wonders to us spiritually. The people are great and God is really moving there. Not that the people weren't great at our other church mind you, it is just different here, what we needed, like a cold drink of water after a long thirst. You know what I mean?

I have yet to get my sewing room organized but plan on working in it this coming week have a ton of stuff to get sewn and lots of projects I am excited to start. I will post pics of my sewing room when I get it photographable.

Hope everyone has a great 3 day weekend. Hugs................