Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just an Update!

Hi all, just wanted you to know that I am still around. Have started my new job at your friendly
And just incase you have all been wondering about me slacking in my creativeness I wanted to share with you my latest outfit that is very flattering as on the job appareal and is very hip.

This comes in many different sizes and can be custome made with your local grocer logo. You know you love it! LOL................Sorry just had to share this photo and no I did not make it, pretty unique if I say so myself. LOL......................................

Onto a more serious note, so far I am still in orientation, so have spent alot of time watching videos and doing computer tests. Ugh...........hope I am done with all of that by tomorrow and can do something a little more productive. Don't have a schedule yet so I have not done alot in sewing. I have purchased some awesome fabrics at some awesome prices and some thrift store finds that I am going to recycle. I have not had time to take photos but will work on getting that done tomorrow. Believe me you don't want to miss that post.

Until then I am off to bed, morning comes early and I need all the beauty rest I can get.

Goodnight and sweet dreams, until next time.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Next Recycle.......

Ok well the skirt I did from a former women's shirt turned out great, so now I am pumped about getting started on the rest of the pile I have. So without further adue here is the next project.

This is a long flowy skirt that I love but never wear, plus I think it is now a little tight in the waist. My plan is to turn it into a cute flowy summer dress for my dd #3.

I had already began cutting it before I remembered to take the before pic, sorry. It is a light creamy tan color with white polka dots. I am removing the top layer which I plan on turning into the bodice and reattach it to the bottom. I will then make some straps either out some scraps from this skirt or I may come up with some on my own. HMMMMMMM.....................

Wish me luck!

Now for the rest of the story: I have made a decision to start working, outside of home that is.

Where you ask?

Why you ask?

So I can get lots of these, like this fella.

Ok well maybe that is spreading it a little, but I must say, "You go Boy", lol......
I am going to be working now, I am not sure of my schedule but I do know I have got the job. I have decided to do this out of great desire to pay for my High School Diploma and to start some college classes soon, as well as a few other things I have in my "want" list, which would be a surger and an embroidery machine. So if I want to make all this happen, one income is not going to cut it, thus the reason to work at the blue store as my 5 yr old calls it. I do hope I am able to keep up with my sewing and blogging, those I will miss tremendously. Wish me luck in this new adventure of mine, I will keep you all posted.


(that is from Hee Haw, if any of you remember that show)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Award for me,plus a recycle re-cap and completion!

Thank you so much Faye( for nominating me for this award. I have learned so much from you and other creative women that has inspired me in so many ways.

I find these days that most of my time that I spend on the internet is spent on blogspot visiting other blogs with great talent. Each one of them have touched me in one way or another. Please visit each of these blogs and I promise you will learn something different from each one as well as be inspired and awhed.






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Stop in and say hello to these ladies, they are each very talented.

These 7 bloggers have been notified of their nominations and if accepted these are the Rules and Responsibilities of the award--

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Okay I shared the photos of my recyled shirt to dd skirt, well here is the pics I started with and my finished skirt.

Thanks for all of your embellishing ideas, this skirt was fun to make and I am happy with the finished look. I will have dd model it as soon as I put together a shirt with it.

This skirt cost me nothing except time. The ruffle and pockets were made from some fabric stash I had, it is pink and white checked. I also cut some of the embroidered flowers out and sewed them ontop of each pocket and frayed the edges. Too cute, don't you think?

Gonna be great for twirling!

Also sorry about not putting just names for my nominees, I don't know how to do that so if anyone can give me a quick schooling on putting names and such without haveing to type in the entire address would be a huge help.

Ta Ta!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Recycling My Wardrobe!

Well I did get a little and I mean a little sewing done last night. I decided last week to go through my clothes and purge and boy did I, I am down to nothing but, I decided this year I was going to make the bulk of my clothes and to do that I needed to get rid of the "not so loved" stuff which ended up being almost everything I owned. I was going to load it all up and take it to our local thrift shop, but after looking at all the cute patterns and such on the clothes I decided to re-make this wardrobe so that it would work, No not for me, for my two youngest daughters. I am not sure if I will be able to use every piece but, I am going to try. Bear with me on this cause I will have to use lots of creativeness to make this work.

Here is the pile of clothes in my sewing room floor.

Here is the first top I decided to makeover.

Cutting stage

And a wearable skirt

I say wearable cause at this stage it is all I had to do was cut the top and add elastic for the waist, cute pattern on this top but it needs something to spice it up, make it fun instead of just wearable, thus comes in the fun of embellishing. So stay tuned for another step in this fun recycled skirt, you won't want to miss what I come up with(which at this point my mind is blank, well not blank just congested). So after my long coughing session I will get busy creating this one of a kind master piece. Until then.(cough, cough, ah...ah....ahhh....chew......................)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Will this ever stop?

Man I have been coughing my head off! I am so sick of being sick. It started about the middle of last week and every day is worse.

No sleep at night, no rest through the day. Just lots and lots of coughing which has now brought about sneezing and because of the drainage I am now starting to get a sore throat.

I am so miserable and yessssssssssssss I look and feel like this(minus the fact that this is a male)

I have taken tons of this

and still hacking my head off.

I hate this cause I really want to be doing this

Well maybe tomorrow will be a better day because................................................................................


Friday, January 16, 2009


Just wanted to let all my bloggers know that I did not get the job at the nursing home. I had finally made up my mind to go for it and went in for the interview everything went great and I was really excited at this point then they ended up hiring someone else. :( I have had no desire to go to work for years and I was finally ready to take the plunge and get back out into the world only to be shot down. Ugh................................So now I am not sure what I am going to do. I am going to go forward with getting mydiploma and I still want to do nursing but have always wanted to be a beutician with hopes of owning my own shop some day, so who knows what I may do my life is open to pretty much anything at this point. Just wish me luck that I will make the right decision and that when I don't end up having to eat it...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nothing happening here!

Well as you can tell from the title of this entry that nothing has been getting done around here. I did get some fabric washed, dried and pressed yesterday. I have several ideas running around in my head for each of these fabrics and hope I can actually accomplish more with them than just thinking about what I could use them for.

Also got hubby's drum covers sewn up, hard to explain but will take pics when they are hanging on his drums.

Tomorrow I do plan on getting some patterns cut out and would like to work on a muslin for a new pant pattern that I have, will post on that tomorrow, IF it happens...............

Until then, goodnight...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......................................................

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where is my Mojo..oh and some other news!

Okay all I am really starting to be concerned about myself, I have done zero sewing all week and I worked so hard in my sewing room this weekend getting it all re arranged and clean and tidy, I still need to take a photo of all my hard work. I even folded and shelved all my fabric stash, by color even. You would think that alone would get me going:(

Well I do have some other news besides the same ol same ol. I was offered a job this week at the nursing home. I would be the activities director. I have not decided yet what I want to do yet, I was going to start working there part time on the floor just so I could take the certification class and become a certified nurses aide and then was thinking about taking some classes at the college to become a certified nurse, and for all of you who are wondering about me haveing a diploma well I am proud to announce that I will be takeing a high school equvilancy test and will be receiving my high school diploma(not a GED) as soon as all of my stuff comes in that I ordered along with some online classes I will be doing will get me on my way to being able to maybe take some college classes. Anyway back to the story. Well when I went to acquire about the certification class(which is a 5 week class) I found out that you have to first be working on the floor while waiting for the next class well, they are full of aide wanna be's I guess you can call them and the class begins Jan 19th and it is already full so I would have to wait a few months before I could get hired on and start my hands on training while I wait for the next class to be scheduled. Any how while I was talking to the director of nursing, which just happens to be a friend of mine, she started talking to me about the director of activities opening, hmmm. It is still very hands on with the patients as I would be doing alot of scheduling of the activities as well as accessing their emotional state, motor skills, and such. I would have my own office and a few girls that would work under me and would assist with my part of the job. I would do alot of room visits and family visits to see where the patients were emotionally and such. She also mentioned that I would be responsible for their hearing test and aides and such. Any way there are alot more details that we did not get into, yet. The job would be M-F 8-5. I like that there would be no weekends and that I would be in charge of my own department and would love to make some extra money but, it has been forever since I have worked and to get back out into the real world is kindof scary but, on the other hand I am ready to do something different, with mama being gone now I get quite lonely not haveing anyone to do stuff with through the day and next year Bry will be in kindergarten so will go all day 5 days a week, and I want a serger I have really been praying about it. I have also decided that if I decide not to take this position I am still going to work at the nursing home part time, just so I am already employeed there and can use some of the hours I put in as on hand training hours that way when a position comes open on the floor I can just be moved and be preparing for the next scheduled class so, the only place they can put me right now is in dietary, yes kitchen, but it would only be part time, about 4-5 hours a day and would only be for a few weeks. Not bad, not really great, but temporary. Ok I know, blah....blah.....blah.......Just wanted to share and ask for all of your prayers that I make the right decision. I have untill the end of next week to decide.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First completed outfit for 2009

Yes I have got one outfit completed for the new year and just in time to wear to church tomorrow.

I will have to share the pattern #'s with you next post, they are on the other end of the house in my sewing room and I am busy blogging right now to go grab them so, next time.

The pants and top are from two different patterns and both were very easy and quick. The pants material has a little of a stretch to it so they are extra comfortabe, I am not too sure about the top just yet, the elastic under the breast makes me look prego, or that is what I thought when I first tried it on, hmmm, but the hem was not in yet and the elastic was not properly adjusted yet. Maybe? I will take pics of the outfit in use tomorrow and all of you can let me know your oppinion and please be honest brutely honest if you must because all of the humans in my house would much rather let me wear the top even though it makes me look like an elephant than to dare tell me the truth, Ugh................

I will be starting a new pattern tomorrow, I plan on trying to get some sewing in every day, if possible, you never know around here.

Here are some Christmas pics that were taken with my husbands family on Christmas Eve. and yes I am way behind but late is better than never right?

We all had such a fun time and the kids were all very good and patient, believe it or not. lol......

Oh and the Wii was a big hit, for a little while anyway, lol.

Can you tell by Justice's face that she doesn't have a clue.

Thank goodness I have such smart nephews to explain all the need to knows and so on or all of the would have been confused.

Here is me and Dean by the tree, I never take good pics, ugh...........
And here is a pic of the whole slew of us, this was prob. the best one there was out of a ton, seems like none of us could get it together. And what is my sis n law looking at, sorry Nancy but this was the only one that I looked half way decent in and so I had to sacrfice seeing you straight on, should have been paying attention, lol...................