Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Award for me,plus a recycle re-cap and completion!

Thank you so much Faye( for nominating me for this award. I have learned so much from you and other creative women that has inspired me in so many ways.

I find these days that most of my time that I spend on the internet is spent on blogspot visiting other blogs with great talent. Each one of them have touched me in one way or another. Please visit each of these blogs and I promise you will learn something different from each one as well as be inspired and awhed.






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Stop in and say hello to these ladies, they are each very talented.

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Okay I shared the photos of my recyled shirt to dd skirt, well here is the pics I started with and my finished skirt.

Thanks for all of your embellishing ideas, this skirt was fun to make and I am happy with the finished look. I will have dd model it as soon as I put together a shirt with it.

This skirt cost me nothing except time. The ruffle and pockets were made from some fabric stash I had, it is pink and white checked. I also cut some of the embroidered flowers out and sewed them ontop of each pocket and frayed the edges. Too cute, don't you think?

Gonna be great for twirling!

Also sorry about not putting just names for my nominees, I don't know how to do that so if anyone can give me a quick schooling on putting names and such without haveing to type in the entire address would be a huge help.

Ta Ta!


Faye Lewis said...

You so deserved the award. Back Porch Blessing has been a blessing to me since I found it. You are very creative!

Lindsay T said...

Thank you so much! I'm very honored, and thanks for reading my blog.

Back Porch Blessings said...

Thank you Faye. I am very lucky to have the support from my family in my sewing adventures. They always wear what I make even if it is kinof, ummm, off, lol......
You are welcom Lindsay, love your blog, please come by anytime.

Erica B. said...

Sorry, I'm just now getting over here! Thanks so much. I feel so honored!

Christy Sews said...

Such a cute skirt. Thank you for nominating me for this award. I love your blog -- it is so much fun. I'll be checking in on a regular basis. I have to know if you get more "flair" that the Walmart greeter guy in the picture.