Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just an Update!

Hi all, just wanted you to know that I am still around. Have started my new job at your friendly
And just incase you have all been wondering about me slacking in my creativeness I wanted to share with you my latest outfit that is very flattering as on the job appareal and is very hip.

This comes in many different sizes and can be custome made with your local grocer logo. You know you love it! LOL................Sorry just had to share this photo and no I did not make it, pretty unique if I say so myself. LOL......................................

Onto a more serious note, so far I am still in orientation, so have spent alot of time watching videos and doing computer tests. Ugh...........hope I am done with all of that by tomorrow and can do something a little more productive. Don't have a schedule yet so I have not done alot in sewing. I have purchased some awesome fabrics at some awesome prices and some thrift store finds that I am going to recycle. I have not had time to take photos but will work on getting that done tomorrow. Believe me you don't want to miss that post.

Until then I am off to bed, morning comes early and I need all the beauty rest I can get.

Goodnight and sweet dreams, until next time.


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

That is so actually remind me of a get up I used one time...

The bank I worked for had a fundraise "Rolling in the dough"...well it was a kiddie pool of dough (as in flour and water). Well the person who got the most $$ in there box had to roll in the was me. I worked in Operations so I guess i wasn't well liked :)

I tried to figure out how to avoid getting the dirtiest. So I wore my swimsuit covered in a trash bag halter top shortall get up. With swim cap and shower cap too. Needless to say it was gross but I stayed pretty clean.

Yes I have pics but won't be showing them.

Good Luck with the job...I thought of you yesterday as I was shopping and writing my post yesterday on my personal blog.

Julia said...

Good luck with your jov. Love the outfit!!! Ha!

Aminat said...

Oh my this is so hilarious, and all the best with your job.Thanks for stopping by my blog

My Big Mouth said...

So,hows it going at the job now?
Are you enjoying it still?
I would be affraid to work there,always seeing new things I want to buy.
I had that problem when I worked for Michaels Arts and Crafts

Julia said...

Do they have fabric at your Walmart? That would be hard to resist. Thanks for visiting and following my blog.