Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

I got all Christmas sewing done that needed to be done before hand, have some other that I am going to be sewing and sending out after Christmas due to everyone being out of town for the Holidays, don't want pkgs. sitting on door steps for days until someone gets home or take the chance of them getting stolen so, I plan on sending after the Holidays in hopes that everyone gets there things safely.

We will be gone on Christmas eve. only. We are traveling to my inlaws house and they only live about an hour and a half from us so, we will be coming home late that night and will wake in our own home on Christmas day. Not sure what we will do but I do know I am not cooking a big Christmas dinner, I will probably make Christmas cookies for the kids to decorate though that should keep them happy for awhile.

I plan on cleaning up my sewing room and doing some rearranging after the Holidays. I have a huge mess in there and can't seem to find anything, this is due to the rush of makeing last minute gifts and Christmas garments. Ugh......I promise I am going to start way ahead of time next year on my handmade gifts and clothing(I said that last year too). I have lots of things I want to sew for myself this coming year so a clean sewing room is a must. Wish me luck.

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