Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yeah I know what a boring title, well it is true, I got all our laundry done today and it actually wasn't that bad, lol. Ok I know you are wondering if we have like a mountain of dirty clothes that we or should I say "I" never wash. And the answer to that is NO well to the first part of that question anyway. "I" have not done laundry in a few weeks because my sweet hubby has had some days off here and there and that seems to become his job during that time, not that he is given that job he just seems to lean toward laundry on his days off, lol.......So he hasn't had a day off in awhile and this weekend was so busy that no laundry has gotten done thus the reason for my day of wash.


Besides the boring stuff I just posted I actually started on another purse today and almost finished it but had to stop and make Christmas sugar cookies for Tajenai's class, for tomorrow of course, "YEAH, THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW IN PLENTY OF TIME THAT YOU NEED A GAZILLION COOKIES BY MORNING". Geezzzz.........

Anyway, like I was saying I started on a new purse today and should have in done tomorrow and onto something else. Most of the things I have been working on lately are going to be Christmas presents. All of the women in my family are getting either a purse or an apron this year and the men well that I am not sure of, if I don't come up with something soon they also may be getting a purse or an apron this year, lol. Most of my gifts this year are handmade and I have so enjoyed makeing all of them and hope everyone loves them as much as I do(some of them are hard to part with). The lil girls in my family are getting handmade dolls this year, created and handsewn by muah. And all the lil boys are getting, ummmm, well might be a purse or an apron, lol. Man why are males so hard to handmake stuff for? IF anyone has any ideas I am all ears.

Well with all that said I am off the dream land. All the bakeing of them cookies has made me sleepy.

Until tomorrow.

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