Sunday, November 29, 2009

My not so new serger and My sewing room progress!

Ebay is now my new best friend. It has been around forever and I have visited before long ago but on my quest to find a serger it popped into my head as the "place to go", and so I did and guess what. I got a serger! YES! and it only cost me $56 bucks, plus s & h. I am so excited! This pic is super sucky sorry it was a copy and paste but it is mine so I had to show her off some how. She is a Simplicity easy lock model SL370 and the seller says it runs perfect and has everything with it. YIPPY!

I also bid on and won a few other things, mostly lil girl clothes size 6x for my Bry but I also scored some iron on's and some super cute fabric.

Both of these fab fabrics are 2 yrds and the bomb. The green floral one is vintage and I Love It!

These two cute lil iron on's were a had to have at less than a buck each. The F is no ones initial in our house but I am sure I can figure out something to use it for, thought about adding ancy to it and making the word Fancy on a shirt or pair of jeans, what do you think?
These lil frogs were a must also because I have the matching fabric and gonna get busy making a cute outfit for my Bry when they arrive in the mail.

O Yeah I way scored and you should see the darling outfits I got also were at an awesome price with everthing I got I spent way less than a hundred dollar bill I will post pictures of the outfits later I am to excited about the "me" things I got right now especially my SERGER!

And now for my sewing room news. It is done being painted and tomorrow I am going to spend the day organizing and putting everything in its place and then onto the real fun. SEWING, CRAFTING and whatever else I may wanna do in there because after all it is MY room :)