Sunday, November 8, 2009

Name for my "some day" online shop and a question

Hi gals, well as some of you remember a while back I talked about doing etsy or artfire or something to sell some of my handmade goodies, well now that my sewing room is just about finished I am thinking in that direction again.
I have come up with a name that I like and sounds kinda cute but thought I would ask for your opinion. Drum roll.........Darling Doodlebug!
Catchy? Silly? Rediculas? Foolish? Cute? or trash it and start again? Feed back please.

Now for another huge question. How do you put pictures or a picture with your blog title? I see so many of your blogs with cute photos and doodles and such behind or to the side of your blog name and mine is just so plain and BORING! But I cannot seem to figure out how to do it. Please HELP!

Weekend is now coming to an end and hubby and I got lots of things completed this week but still have lots on our list, yes list, oh did I not mention that to you. Well the other night I decided we needed a "to do" list and boy did we make one, but it proved to be very helpful because we would go to our list chose something that we could accomplish and finish and we would do it and mark it off, marking it off alone felt so good helped us see that the list is doable and should have been made a long time ago. It will take us quite a while to finish it and I am sure we will be adding to it as we go along but atleast now we have a "plan" and can see light at the end of the tunnel just by marking one thing off at a time. Anywho, food for thought.

I will be waiting for your info on the blog pic and your comments on my shop name.
See ya Monday.


Cindy said...

I like the name you picked. It's cute.

To get the pictures on your sidebar - go through blogger dashboard - go to layout - find the gadget (blog list) click on edit and change it. OR another way is to go on your blog after you sign on. Under your blog list you will see a little screwdriver and wrench - click on that and it will take you to the layout of the gadget. There's a list of things you can check to add to your blog roll.
Hope that helps!
Good luck setting up your store and enjoy your sewing moments!

julia said...

I'm not sure how to put a picture on the title part of your blog. I tried to dress mine up once and gave up. I love the name Darling Doodlebug!!!
I have to work from a list. It's the only way I ever get anything done. Doesn't marking things off feel good!

Rachel said...

Your store name sounds so cute!
As per photos on the header of your blog, I use photoshop and digital scrapbook stuff that I find for free online. If you ever need any help just let me know!


djStoreRoom said...

That name is so cute!!~

When I started my store, I did not really ponder so much.. Its just me (D), hubby (J) and a STOREROOM full of vintage and junk. I decided to stick to the name since nobody else registered it as a business name. :p

Kat said...

For blog tips, although I don't know if it includes what you're looking for, try the following link:

As far as your blog name, go with want you want and love. You have to be happy with your store name. Personally, I think it's fine, but it does seem more like a kid's theme so I'm assuming those are the kind of products you want to sell.