Friday, November 6, 2009

Got some stuff to share with pictures.

Hi all, as usual I have not stayed up with my blogging but, I have been reading a ton of blogs and have begin to follow a ton more that I have found and that are so awesome have added some of their buttons to my blog so stop by and check them out.

We have been very busy around here. Been doing alot of things that have been just sitting on the back burner in desperate need of our attention one being my sewing room. I am almost done with it actually should have it painted and completed by this weekend and I will post some pics of my completed getaway. lol

Have lots of pics to share, finally.
Really need to pull out my good camera but my blackberry has done its job.

Our youngest had a busy week right before Halloween, sock day, crazy hair day, crazy hat day and blue and white day which is always on Fridays to represent and support our football team, "GO WILDCATS".

Crazy Hair day......

Crazy Hat day.......

Blue n white day "GO WILDCATS"

I made her tutu n her mum for blue n white day which was also Homecoming, I also made my 11 yr old daughters mum but she got away before I could take a pic and she brought it home looking not quite like it did when it left so chalked that one up to "darn"

Bry and I also made some Halloween cookies on Halloween day, I know how dumb to make a ton of sugar cookies with homemade frosting right before going trick or treating, well it was fun and daddy and I loved them, ALOT. :)

I also made her Halloween costume that day, minus the wings, lol. Made the tutu and spray painted her hair PINK, it was cool outside and I knew she could'nt wear a jacket with those wings(which by the way I got slapped in the face with atleast a hundred times that night) so I found her Barbie sweatshirt and told her she could go as the Barbie fairy which worked perfectly since she had just watched a Barbie fairy movie. You go Mom! We met up with her oldest sister and her husband and loaded them all onto the back of our Ford and went trick or treating. I drove while dad did the door to door, she is a daddy's girl so it was not happening any other way.

Isnt she just the prettiest Barbie fairy you have ever layed eyes on, we think so.

Well I did it, I finally posted with pics, Yeah Me!

Hope all of you are doing great and enjoying fall as much as I am. I will post pics of my creative space in a couple of days, I am so excited.




Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi there...she's a real cutie...Hope you all had a great Halloween!!! I agree...there are stacks of so many good blogs out there♥x

julia said...

What a fun week at school! She is so beautiful. Love the blue tutu and mum! Cookies for Halloween sound great to me.