Sunday, April 5, 2009

The weekend has come to an end

Man just when the fun begins the weekend ends. What is up with that? The week days drag by and the weekends fly by.

I did get a little sewing done this weekend, didn't sew as much as I wanted due to total laziness but did hit needle to thread which is more than I have done in awhile. So far this pattern is very easy but not to sure about the fabric I have chosen. It is a very thin knit fabric with a ton of stretch, I am still crossing my fingers that it comes out ok because I love the pattern on this material. Here is the pattern I am using.

It is Simplicity 3790. I just love this pattern and am very hopeful that I can finish it this week.

After this project I am going to start my girls Easter skirts, actually I may have to sit this one on the back burner and start the skirts right away seeing that Easter is this coming weekend. I will post pictures of the fabric I am using for the patterns above as well as fabric that I plan on using for the Easter outfits. Need to get my camera batteries charged cause I have tons of patterns I have purchased over the last couple of weeks as well as some wonderful fabric that I must show off.

Tomorrow it is back to the drawing board. Hope you all have a great week.

Hugs, Kathy


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

The weekends do fly by way too fast don't they? It seems like I never find time to break out the sewing machine these days, and I have a ton of projects I want to do. lol Hope your Monday is sweet.
♥ Teresa

Julia said...

Can't wait to see the Easter outfits!!! That pattern is really nice. Thin, very stretchy, knit = hard to work with!!!

My Big Mouth said...

I agree,it does seem the week drags on and weekeends fly by.Hopefully this week will drag on for me as I am off work for Easter break...yay!Been wanting to find a retro sewing pattern for an event I have in May.

Katy said...

Oooo that looks nice - looking forward to some pictures of your creations!