Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a fun weekend

Just wanted to share with all of you how wonderful weekend we had. My BFF and her kids and fiance came down for the Jr rodeo in our town. Her son Gage is a bull rider and a handsome one at that:) Our kids have grown up together, even though we have not always lived close to each other we have always stayed closely in touch.

It was so crazy seeing Katie and Gage as teenagers, they are such awsome kids with huge personalities. Funny how the years pass.

Our kids had such fun together and I think we had even

I just love this gal......Go Katrina!
And have a looky at my whacky cowboy(not) husband:)
I love you Katrina your are truely my BFF and can be myself around you and apparntley much more:P


Cindy said...

Too funny! Great pictures.
Man, time does pass by quickly doesn't it. Poof it's gone....

*Sally* said...

You are truly blessed to have such a lovely family and friends, have a great weekend!

djStoreRoom said...

Glad you had fun!! Your blog skin is lovely!!~~

Julia said...

What great friends and what a fun weekend!!! There is nothing like having wonderful friends. Sometimes we don't see them often, but we pick right up where we left off with them! Time/ What is it? It's here and then it's gone! Very proverbial LOL!