Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here I sit...........

Well here I sit at work waiting for the phone to ring or someone to walk in. Nothing.......So, I thought I would post on my blog and catch up on some of your blogs.

Our two youngest girls went to stay with their grandparents on Sunday for Spring break, but they are more then ready to come, think they are home sick which happens every time any of our kids leave home, even for just one night. So this eve. it will be daddy to the rescue. He will drive about an hour and a half and get our girls safely home where they can immediatly begin to drive us crazy,lol..................Oh well missing them for a short time was nice anyway.

Work is going great, finally starting to learn the ways of insurance, still have a ton to learn but feel like I am on my way.

Have still done zero sewing although I think about it constantly. By the time I get home in the eve. all I want to do is relax and do nothing. I am going to make myself get on the ball this weekend though my mind is dying for something new to make.


Faye Lewis said...

I find myself thinking about sewing at work too, especially if I started something the night before and didn't finish it. It's hard to turn it off. Glad you are doing well at work!

Pamela said...

so glad all is going well at work, on the sewing front I'm much like you, during the day I think about it and can't wait till the evening to sit down and do some, but then evening comes and I just want to sit down and think of nothing..oneday the sewing will take precedence over my laziness in the evenings.

djStoreRoom said...

My little one has never really stayed out since she is just 3.. But I missed her like crazy at times.. And, when she is home.. She drives me crazy..


My Big Mouth said...

Glad you are enjoying your job still.
I dont sew quite as much since i work.Infact,its been several