Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankgiving Eve.

Well here I am anticipating, no wait let me re fraze that, dredding Turkey day. Why you ask, well several reasons. One, I am feeling rotten, coming down with a cold, two, we are going to my inlaws, and no that is not bad, just don't like leaving my comfy bed when I am feeling rotten, I am not up to spending the day chaseing my kids, reminding them to use their manners or haveing them do the, "Yuck what is that", and haveing everyone look at us like we are a bunch of rednecks, although it does run in our blood line, lol, third, I am spending yet another holiday without my parents, this will be the 3rd. without my dad and the 2nd without my mama. We always spent the holidays with them, so this time of the year is when I miss them the most. Just pray I make it through the rest of the year and that next year will be better. With all that said I am looking forward to the food, that is if I am not sick as a dog, then I hope I atleast feel good enough to pack a doggie bag. I hope all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will update you on our little adventure afterward. Happy Turkey Day. Ugh.........


Anonymous said...

Happy "Turkey Day" and I hope you feel better soon.

Pea said...

I recently lost my Dad and so this is my first Thanksgiving without him so I know just how you feel. It was so hard to swallow that bird and not cry. I am trying to stay possitive and concentrate on my Son's return home from Overseas, but it isn't really working.
I can't imagine being ill on top of that. I do hope you are feeling better very soon and hope the day was a good one.


Holidays are never quite the same without those we love,cherish the memories and make new ones is how I TRY to go into each season,but I know it is NOT easy,I miss my Dad terribly!
I hope your cold gets better,rest today (yeah right you're probably saying) and feel better!
Heavenly Angel Hugs to you to feel better!