Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just me, here at home......

Okay well here I go starting this blogging thing that I hear is so addictive, me, a non-addict, lol. Yeah right, I may not like to admit it but I am, I am an addict, yes you heard right, an addict, I am addicted to many things, one would be my husband, just cannot seem to get enough of that guy, (wonder if there is a support group for that) he is such fun to be around, always makes me smile and what a team player he is. Love Ya Babe! I am also addicted to sewing, makeing jewlery, handmade cards, dotee dolls, scrapbooking, and my newest would be makeing purses, love, love, love it. I am a stay at home mom so being creative is part of my job you know. No I do not sit around eating bon bons watching soaps all day I will have you know, I spend my days being creative, crafy and amaze myself daily with all this talent God has given me(even if I am the only one that thinks I am talented, lol) I am a blessed mom of 4, a son James, who will be turning 16 Dec. 5th, a 14yo. daughter, Justice, a soon to be 11yo daughter, Dec. 15th to be exact, Tajenai and a baby girl, Bryanna who will turn 5 on her brothers birthday, Dec. 5th. Go ahead and say it, and yes I was busy in the bedroom around the same time every other year or so, lol.........
I am a current member and participant in Swap-bot, just love that website, have met lots of wonderful people and have received some awesome things. If you are crafty in any way you must share and swap with some other crafy women on Swap-bot, it is truely a blast.

My family is the joy of my life, they are my best friends(and sometimes my worst enemies, lol) and haveing them in my life as made me who I am today(on my good days that is, heeeeheee).
I was blessed with two wonderful human beings that I called daddy and mama, they both have gone on to be with our Lord in Heaven, lost my daddy in May of 2006 and my Dear Mama in Oct. of 2007. Adjusting to life without them has been one of the biggest challenges I have ever been up against. But I know that God had bigger plans for them in Heaven and that I cannot question, I just look forward to seeing them again someday and am happy knowing they are together again.

I hope to make lots of friends here on this blog and share lots of memories, ideas and maybe some tears and a whole lot of laughter.
Happy Thanksgiving to all......Hugs


Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Welcome to the land of Blog... Please drop by and mark me as follower :) I will do the same for you when you get that little widget up here on your blog. :)

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons,PrimitiveRose said...

Oh I LOve your blog is bright and cheerful!All ready for the holidays!I'm so happy you have joined in the family of blog land
Having a blog is a blessing in many ways and also a blessing to others too.I will visit often and if you ever need any help with blog I'm not the smartest but would be happy to help in any way I can
((((Hugs)))) Sherrie

anthony said...

Great blog!
Please come to visit me on Sirpriz i will be happy to see you :)

Mama from france from
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