Monday, December 7, 2009

My serger has arrived!

O yeah my serger came home to me on Saturday and I am so excited to finally meet her. She is a Simplicity easylock SL370 and is the perfect starter serger, or that is what I have heard anyway, I have not got to use her yet because I am waiting for hubby to bring home the manual he is printing of for me because mine was bought without the manual. I am so ready to fire this baby up and give her a try. If you read my previous post you would know that I purchased this serger from ebay I was the highest bidder and won her at $56.00.

My sewing room should be all set up and ready to be used by the end of today so I will post pictures at that time also had two birthdays in our house over the weekend and pics to share of that great day also.



Kat said...

That's great! Nothing like a new machine to keep one happy :) .

"Syncere Phoenyx" said...

I am excited and anxious...My "Sim" was adopted from a local pawn shop...not quite as thrifty but still a great price ;-), but didn't come with the manual as well...may I ask where you found it? All the google links turned up zilch...pls help.