Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy September!

Well not much to blog about since I have pretty much spilled my guts in the last two entries. lol
My sister is doing good, still doing her dialysis but is home now and very happy to be in her own surroundings. She is such a trooper, she has to have 5 hours of dialysis every other day and although it totally exhaust her she never complains. Keep praying for her and her girls.

I don't think I shared our "new church" news with all of you. We had been attending the same church for a year now and was feeling God tugging us to make a move in a different direction. You know that feeling you have that your season is over but you are comfortable and being at the same place same time just seems to work for you even though you know inside it is time to move on, well that was us, it was time and after much pouting and sulling we did it. We are now attending a great church that has done wonders to us spiritually. The people are great and God is really moving there. Not that the people weren't great at our other church mind you, it is just different here, what we needed, like a cold drink of water after a long thirst. You know what I mean?

I have yet to get my sewing room organized but plan on working in it this coming week have a ton of stuff to get sewn and lots of projects I am excited to start. I will post pics of my sewing room when I get it photographable.

Hope everyone has a great 3 day weekend. Hugs................


Trudy Callan said...

I know what you mean about the church thing. I've been praying for your family.

My 8 year old daughter of told me to tell you "Hi." I don't know if you remember her because it's been awhile since she left a comment on your blog.

julia said...

I'm so glad to hear that your sister is doing as well as she is and that she is keeping her spirits up. How hard that would be! I hope that things for you, your son, and daughter will be better soon, as well. Doing something productive, like working in your sewing room might give you a chance to concentrate on something else, which you probably need desperately.
We have had issues at our church over the past couple of years. At times I felt like we should leave. We haven't and right now I think we are where we should be, but sometimes I'm not so sure.
Wednesday night is when the youth program starts back after the vacation for summer. I helped create this program a couple of years ago and I'm letting go and giving most of the responsibility to a young father. He seems perfectly happy to take over! Yea! I am in charge of games for our kick off party and I plan to still help, but not have full responsibility. I will continue working with the puppet team and sing in the choir, but that's it for me right now. We are in a very small church and I was on the session during the most stressful of times. My husband was the treasurer. He and I have given up those positions and I feel so much better.
I hope that God will help you find peace through this move.

Marjie said...

You have had many ups and more downs. I hope things are smoothing out in your world. As Julia said, do something for yourself, like organizing your sewing room, so you can try to steady yourself. Best of luck to your daughter.