Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update on my sister n stuff....

Hi everyone I know it has been a long time since my last blog but life has been craszy here, as usual......

My sister is doing well, better then we thought she would be especially since not even the docs thought she would live long upon her arrival at the hospital. She was very ill and her life was litteraly hanging by a thread, but with lots a prayer and tons on faith and a strongwill to live she is doing better and was sent home a few days ago. She is still doing her dialysis every other day and taking chemo and radiation but has gained some color back is now able to walk a little on her own and is home resting in her own surroundings. She still has a long way to go and recovery may never come totally but for now we are all just happy to see her smiling and laughing. She has been through so much and has bounced back twice from her death bed with all her doctors amazed at her strong will and determination to live.
Thank you all for your prayers and kind words.

Now onto my son. He is still with his father and has adjusted well as far as I know. I have missed him and my heart is still broken from all the pain he has caused our family. I speak to him every now and then but it always seems to end in a fight so for now I think it is best for us to have no communication between each other for awhile. Sounds crazy and hurtful and it is but my heart cannot take the person he has become and the disrepect he always seems to deal me so, I think distance and time and lots of mature growth on his side is the only way our relationship is ever going to mend. It is so painful to lose a child to rebellion and to know that no matter what you say or do you are always the bad guy. He is very ugly and mouthy, which he has been for years, but seems like it has gotten worse since he has left, my hubby says it is because he is not face to face with me so he thinks he can run his mouth all he wants and get away with it because I am further then arm reach of him so I can not reach over and knock him into next week for using foul language or copping an attitude. Makes me so angry, so hurt, so ashamed and confused. He seems to care only for himself and what makes his world go around. He has always been a very selfish child and the older he gets the worse it gets. I talked to him briefly tonight to let him know that I found out that he stole all of my mama's (God rest her soul) rings, even her and my daddys wedding rings. He just got ugly with me and denied it. He also stole my hubby's college grad ring which he has had for over 20 years. And he stole my hubby's aka rifle and his 9 mm stainless steel pistol, which was the reason he was sent away. When he was confronted with all of this he just got angry and violent. He has stole from us all his life but this was the last straw. Now that he is gone and we are having time to go through our things we are finding more and more stuff missing mostly jewlery, a diamond tennis braclet, diamond cross necklace, a sterling silver necklace, the list goes on and on. Before he left we noticed that he always had money to spend and were finding cigeret butts and empty pkgs out on our land ofcourse he denied it all and we were so sick of fighting that we would just clean them up, talk with him or ground him and move on. We found out about the guns being gone when some kids told my daughter that her brother had given them a couple of guns of their dads, sure enough she came home and told us and the guns were missing. My hubby went straight to the police and filed a report with my daughter and son their to tell their story about the missing guns. Unfortunitly my dd does not know the guys that told her they only knew her as James sister. He denied the whole thing and basically without the serial numbers the cops can do nothing. My dear husband has had these guns for years and years so we have been searching like crazy trying to find the paper work on them. Ugh........ my hubby found out that one of the guns is worth $4000 alone now and the other prob more and I think my son traded them for a few packs of smokes because they had no value to him execpt for what he wanted out of it.
Sorry for the rambling just needing to vent I guess. Anyway, please pray that God will guide him in his life and that some day he will change and repent for what he has done and actually be remorseful about it. We love him deeply but have chosen to remove him from our home which as a parent you should never have to do. If you cant trust your own family the child you bore and raised and loved then who can you trust?

I have tons of other news to share but I will give your ears a rest and save the rest for another blog.

Thank you all again for your kind words and prayers, keep praying we need all we can get.
Hugs, Kathy


Julia said...

I'm glad your sister is doing some better.
I don't even know what to say about the behavior that your son is displaying. It sounds like he needs help. He can't be happy with himself. I am so sorry and I will pray for you and the whole family.

Bek said...

What a hard time you are experiencing, I can't imagine how difficult all this must be. I know the Lord will help you through it. I hope you find peace despite all that is going on around you.