Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Help Name my shop, Please!

Okay everyone I have decided to go for it and open shop. I am going to do it through Artfire. I have not set it up yet because I need a name. I have some ideas I am going to throw at you so please vote for you favorite and feel free to throw in some names that you think would work.
I am so excited and am ready to do this. I am also going to make up flyers and mail out and pass out in my area.
Wish me luck and your participation is desperatly needed.

My Names List:

Fanciful Neccesities

La Di Da Designs

Lazy Daisy Boutique

Cotton Blossom Creations

Apple Blossom Lane

Kathy's Kloset

Okay now any of you got any extra ideas or like any of mine just let me know.


Julia said...

I like La Di Da Designs. But, I also like the name of your blog. Why not Back Porch Blessings?

Rose said...

I agree with Julia - Why not Back Porch Blessings? My favorite of your suggestions is "Fanciful Neccesities".

Faye Lewis said...

Dito from me. La Di Da Designs is catchy, but so is Back Porch Blessings! So sorry about your job!

Kat said...

I like Kathy's Kloset for obvious reasons ;) , but me fave is Lazy Daisy Boutique. Daisies are unpretentious (sp?), cheerful, full of life and hope. I'm biased though, it's my favorite flower :) .