Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Hi just a quick entry to tell you about a great giveaway that I thought you all would be interested in. Go by and check it out and enjoy the rest of this ladies blog at
Also wanted to thank all of you for the comments about me being exhausted. All of your info was very helpfull so tomorrow I am off to get me some vitamins and start doing some walking and eating better. Funny thing is my BFF told me all the same just minutes after she read my blog. Thank you K for always haveing my back and for me always being important to you.
Tomorrow I do plan on doing some sewing, I got my closet cleaned out today and it felt so good to have things organized and clothes set up to wear for a couple of weeks for work. Have to iron some of them over the weekend but besides that and adding jewlery which I will be making over the weekend, I am good. I will post pics of whatever I make for any extra ideas to add to or take away from.
Till tomorrow, Adios.................


From A Creative Heart said...

Hi There!!!
Thank you so much for sharing my giveaway with your blog friends!!! I really appreciate it!!

Julia said...

I just read your "about me" paragraph again. I know why you are so tired. You have 4 children, two of whom are teenagers, one tween, and a little one!!! Wow! I'm tired thinking about the job you have taking care of them. We have 3 grown daughters. They were about the same age difference as your three oldest. 16 is hard with learning to drive, etc.... It sounds like you have a great husband who is very supportive, though. That helps. Also, you lost both parents not long ago. That makes life hard, too.
Starting a new job is overwhelming and stressful.
It sounds like you got some great advice and are on the right track. You say you are overweight. It sure doesn't show in your profile photo!!