Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Divorced and more updates

Long time no blog! For all  my blogging friends out there that have noticed I have been MIA well Im back. I am living in a new town in a new home and loving it. I am still getting settled in so have done zero sewing and have been missing it tons, but I plan on getting back to work as soon as I get my new sewing room set up.
As you all can see by the title I am officailly divorced! And yes it is a good thing. I have a new man in my life and he is wonderful! I can say finally that I am truely happy and right were I belong.
I hope all of you have been doing wonderful and will be catching up on all my fav blogs.
More Lots more updates to come.


Anonymous said...

you have a great attitude! welcome back...good luck with everything...

Marty said...

Good luck! Hope you can get back to sewing soon!

Tracey said...

Welcome back glad to hear all is well. said...

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