Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby shower ideas need and a pic of my sewing machine.

Brother Embroidery and Sewing Machine with USB Port.

Here is my machine. I absolutely love it. Sorry it has taken me so long to post a picture but I have been very busy using this baby. I have been working hard trying to get some Valentine outfits sewn up and have done some cute embroidered hearts on the tops and such. I still owe pics of my sewing room and those will be next, Scouts Honor ;)

I am also planning a baby shower while I am busy sewing. My plan was/is to have it on the 13th but not sure if everyone is onboard with that date since it is so soon. My dear daughter wants a SpongeBob baby shower, how funny is that. Its her day so a SpongeBob shower is what she is gonna get. lol. Any shower ideas and game ideas are welcomed and greatly needed. This is my 1st shower and I am a little nervous. I also plan on having a second shower for her here in our town that will be for neighbors and her friends and church family, the 1st shower will be in another town that is closer to her relatives. The second one wont be until March so not worried to much about it for now.

Well I am off to bed hope to hear some shower ideas from everyone.

Hugs, Kathy


Faye Lewis said...

Cool machine!

gwensews said...

That new machine will be sewing and embroidery some cute baby clothes, I imagine. Have fun it, and the excitement of a new little one.

julia said...

Baby Showers are fun because you get to see all the new, cute little things that are gifted. I'm not good at coming up with games, etc, though. If you think of some good ones let us know. Great machine!

Kat said...

New toys are always so much fun :) !

sanjeet said...

I imagine. Have fun it, and the excitement of a new little one.
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